Duolingo’s grammar notes all in one place

I use Duolingo on and off to learn Japanese. Learning a language on Duo feels like playing a game at the beginning. When I started using it, my first thought was “this is easy and fun!” But as I started reaching new levels and as the topics started to get…

Keeping sane during the lockdown

Today it is the 23rd of April, National Sovereignty and Children’s Day. It is a day dedicated to children by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, founder of the Republic of Turkey. It is also the first day of a three-day lockdown. Children must have been celebrating this day in…

Something useful

I saw “Something Useful” last night. It is a Turkish movie originally titled “İşe Yarar Bir Şey.” I found the movie very poetic not just because the main character was a poet but also because it was written and directed in a very gentle way.…

Reading two books a month

Last year I tried to read one book per week. And that wasn’t the only goal I set for my daily routine. I felt really motivated about being productive and told myself that I will get up early in the morning, read at least 30 minutes first thing in the morning,…

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