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This website, in the vast world of internet, is a little place of mine in which I freely share my ideas on various topics that I find interesting and worth sharing. At the moment, topics are not focused; they range from photography to free sources of internet. However, it is a reflection of my own background, so it makes sense in itself. I’ve studied philosophy at Boğaziçi University and did my master in Sociology. Meanwhile, I followed my interest in media arts and worked as a freelancer in media production including directing and taking photos for various occasions. I am mostly active on Instagram so you can catch up with me there. I walk around the streets of Istanbul, visit museums, take photos and share them.

There are lots to write on this website; important notes on the books I read, the historical background of the places I visit, inspirational works of artists, truly great sources on the internet that you can utilize from etc. I hope to create time for all of it. Meanwhile, feel free to share your thoughts, criticisms or suggestions under the articles I post..

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Halil Karaduman; one of the world’s leading “kanuni”.

Halil Karaduman; one of the world’s leading “kanuni”.
November 23, 2008, Sunday / Published at Today’s Daily News /By Tuğba Kibar

Halil Karaduman, one of the world’s leading “kanuni” (those who play kanun, or Turkish zither), is known as a fabulous musician of unlimited talents who uses the kanun in a very dynamic way and with a great deal of ability.Having played kanun for decades, the wide range of music he makes has inspired many young kanun players to imitate him and has made the kanun an indispensable instrument in Turkish music and one of the most desired instruments in world music. Sunday’s Zaman interviewed Karaduman, a kanun-playing genius.

November 23, 2008, Sunday / Published at Today’s Daily News

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One of the unique characteristics of Kenan Özten’s signature kanuns is that every piece is made by him and his apprentice Zafer Kibar. 

November 02, 2008, Sunday/ Published at Today’s Daily News

The kanun, an oriental zither, is a music instrument unique to Turkish music and is painstakingly difficult to manufacture as it requires long labor and great expertise, says a veteran kanun-maker. Kenan Özten, one of the finest kanun-makers alive, explained to Sunday’s Zaman that “while the kanun has been a traditional musical instrument in Turkey, we have started to see a great interest lately especially among our youth.”What makes the kanun unique, he said, is the instrument is strung with nylon strings in contrast to a similar instrument that is played in the Alpine countries. Interestingly the bridge does not stand on a wooden soundboard but on a parchment (drum skin), similar to the banjo. This results in a characteristic tone.

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Denim sandblasters contract fatal silicosis in illegal workshops

October 19, 2008, Sunday/Published at Today’s Daily News


Hundreds of workers in Turkey are exposed to the deadly disease silicosis simply because they were hired to manually sandblast denim in makeshift illegal workshops where the health and well-being of laborers were disregarded and safety gear ignored, activists say.

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Unleashing the full potential of Turkey’s jewelry industry

November 27, 2008, Thursday/Published at Today’s Daily News

Specialists from Turkey and around the world will gather today at İstanbul’s Swissotel The Bosphorus for the first International Gold Summit, organized by Active Academy, to discuss the latest developments and future expectations of the Turkish precious metals sector.
Though the summit will attract all facets of Turkey’s precious metals sector, Today’s Zaman talked to İstanbul Gold Exchange (İAB) Deputy Chairman Osman Saraç about the current situation of the Turkish gold and jewelry sector.

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Turkish tourism growing rapidly

November 10, 2008, Monday/ Published at Today’s Daily News

While the global financial crisis and the rise of the value of the dollar are taking their toll on the non-financial economy, tourism — one of the cornerstones of the Turkish economy — had a productive season in 2008, attracting 21.5 million tourists in the first nine months of the year — a 13.3 percent increase over the same period of the previous year — according to data from the Security Directorate.

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