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This website, in the vast world of internet, is a little place of mine in which I freely share my ideas on various topics that I find interesting and worth sharing. At the moment, topics are not focused; they range from photography to free sources of internet. However, it is a reflection of my own background, so it makes sense in itself. I’ve studied philosophy at Boğaziçi University and did my master in Sociology. Meanwhile, I followed my interest in media arts and worked as a freelancer in media production including directing and taking photos for various occasions. I am mostly active on Instagram so you can catch up with me there. I walk around the streets of Istanbul, visit museums, take photos and share them.

There are lots to write on this website; important notes on the books I read, the historical background of the places I visit, inspirational works of artists, truly great sources on the internet that you can utilize from etc. I hope to create time for all of it. Meanwhile, feel free to share your thoughts, criticisms or suggestions under the articles I post..

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Disney Animasyonlarında Temel Alınan 12 Prensip

Translated from its original which is written by JOHN BROWNLEE


Gerçek dünyada fiziğin temel yasaları ilk kez Isaac Newton ve Albert Einstein tarafından tanımlanmış olsa da animasyon dünyasındaki temel yasaları Frank Thomas ve Ollie Johnston’a borçluyuz.


disney animasyon

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First mailing from Tim Ferriss

First mailing from Tim Ferriss
TIM FERRISS Photo: Daniel Krieger Photography

TIM FERRISS Photo: Daniel Krieger Photography

I subscribed to the Tim Ferriss‘s mailings last week and got my first mailing right away. My first impression was “well this is a very clever mailing structure.” There were 4 items in the mailing:

1. The first 50 pages of The 4-Hour Workweek, The 4-Hour Body and The 4- Hour Chef. ( I already have The 4-Hour Workweek, read it and love it. But I haven’t read the others. So just checking out the first 50 pages was a great tool to decide whether buying or not the books. )

2. The 4-Hour Chef Audiobook. ( Not that much interested with this item)

3. 11 of my favorite apps and tools for mobile and desktop.

4. A few of my most popular posts

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İste Benim Zeki Muren! (Here I am, Zeki Muren) A Rare Look To The Life of Iconic Singer


This year on January, I had the chance to visit the exhibition “İşte Benim Zekim Müren” (Here I am, Zeki Muren) which was held in the Yapı Kredi Cultural Center. I luckily had my camera with me, so I took a couple of photos some of which I share in this post. I was already amazed by this legendary singer’s voice, kindness and neat diction (as well as the rest of the country, he was called the sun of art) but this profound visualization of his life deepened my adoration for him.

I remember that Halil Karaduman, who was the world’s leading “kanuni”, mentioned him as one of the smartest people he ever met in an interview I made with him. He said, “İsmi gibi zeki bir insandı,” i.e., he was smart as the meaning of his name suggests. (Zeki means smart in English). If you are interested you can read the whole interview here.

The exhibition was entitled after one of his biggest hits from the 1980s, “İşte Benim Zekim Müren” (That’s Me, Zeki Müren) Lyrics itself tell a lot about the marked he left in the hearts of millions:

The one who spreads emotions/feelings to songs
the one who faces/survives skein
the one who enters in suffering heart
That is me, Zeki Müren

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Kızılderili Olmak Istegi

Photo by Tugba Kibar

Photo by Tugba Kibar

Bir Kızılderili olsa insan! Hemen hazır, koşan bir at üzerinde, boşlukta eğilmiş, sarsılan yer üzerinde kısa sürelerle sarsılıp dursa, üzengilerden çekse ayağını, yani üzengi diye bir şeyin varlığını unutsa ve önünde uzayıp giden araziye dümdüz biçilmiş bir kır gözüyle baksa, derken atın bir boynu ve bir başı olduğunu unutsa!

Franz Kafka, Bütün Öyküler / Türkçesi: Kamuran Şipal (Cem Yayınevi/2014)

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