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First Mail From Tim Ferriss

TIM FERRISS Photo: Daniel Krieger Photography
TIM FERRISS Photo: Daniel Krieger Photography

I subscribed to the Tim Ferriss‘s mailings last week and got my first mailing right away. My first impression was “well this is a very clever mailing structure.” There were 4 items in the mailing:

1. The first 50 pages of The 4-Hour Workweek, The 4-Hour Body and The 4- Hour Chef. ( I already have The 4-Hour Workweek, read it and love it. But I haven’t read the others. So just checking out the first 50 pages was a great tool to decide whether buying or not the books. )

2. The 4-Hour Chef Audiobook. ( Not that much interested with this item)

3. 11 of my favorite apps and tools for mobile and desktop.

4. A few of my most popular posts

I checked the apps and tools noted in the third item. And one of them attracted my attention: This is an app for developing habits. I have tried other apps on that purpose, but none of them worked for me. This was a recommendation from Tim Ferriss and cause I really value his opinions I gave it a try. I find it very useful so far! The design is very simple yet efficient. If you are struggling with building various habits like me I really recommend this app. As you sign in you can choose from the options such as; Personally Grow, Get Fit, Be Productive, Join a Challenge etc. Later on nice notes each day and the community keep you on track.

I will be sharing on Tim Ferriss more in the following posts cause lately I have been watching so many videos of him; interviews, experiments, shows, how to videos etc. I take notes if he is repeatedly pointing out a specific rule or habit. Or basically I take notes of whatever attracts my attention.

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