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Free Translation Courses You Can Take Online

I have been working as a freelance translator for the last three years. My willingness to translate any type of texts and my background helped me to succeed in my job but I’m still eager to learn the basics, tools, and theories of translation. So, I was thinking to get as much information from online websites. Those are the easiest one to acquire information as I work full time as a freelancer. I believe you will agree with me on this. Here on my website I mostly post about what I search on the internet and utilize from, so I’m sharing a list of translation courses you can take online. And they are all free. You can pay and get certificates for some of them as well if that is what you are into. I enrolled in a couple of them and I think they are useful.

Translation as a career (Here) The course explores translation as a profession.

Translation in Practice (Here) The course handles the basics of translation.

Working with Translation: Theory and Practice (Here) The course is developed by Cardiff University but not open at the moment. You can submit your e-mail address to get a notification e-mail when it is opened.

Localization Essentials By Google (Here) Google experts put the basics of localization together.

Principles and Practice of Computer Aided Translation (Here) For those who are interested to learn CAT tools.





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