Seeing With Photography

I get mailings once a week from a digital publication called Narratively. Among all the mailings I get, Narratively always captures my attention with its interesting and original headlines. This week I saw this headline called “The Blind Photographers Club.” It was written by Bob Socha who is an award-winning filmmaker, photographer, editor, and teacher. Those who are interested in seeing his works can check the website

Bob mentions a short film called “Blindsight.” The film captures the collaboration of visually impaired and sighted photographers while taking photos, expressing their own vision. I am adding the video right below, it is just about 6 minutes and definitely worth watching.

This is a New York based collective called Seeing With Photography. On their website, you can see the various projects they did. There are self-portraits, stitched photos, polaroids and so on. The result is quite impressive and as an independent photographer, I find the whole concept very refreshing and transformative.

Here are some of the photos I chose for you:

All photos belong to Seeing With Photography Collective. To see more check the website or visit their flickr account

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