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This website, in the vast world of internet, is a little place of mine in which I freely share my ideas on various topics that I find interesting and worth sharing. At the moment, topics are not focused; they range from photography to free sources of internet. However, it is a reflection of my own background, so it makes sense in itself. I’ve studied philosophy at Boğaziçi University and did my master in Sociology. Meanwhile, I followed my interest in media arts and worked as a freelancer in media production including directing and taking photos for various occasions. I am mostly active on Instagram so you can catch up with me there. I walk around the streets of Istanbul, visit museums, take photos and share them.

There are lots to write on this website; important notes on the books I read, the historical background of the places I visit, inspirational works of artists, truly great sources on the internet that you can utilize from etc. I hope to create time for all of it. Meanwhile, feel free to share your thoughts, criticisms or suggestions under the articles I post..

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IKEA telefonunuzu kablosuz olarak sarj edebileceginiz mobilya satısına baslıyor


İlk aşamada masa lambası, komodin ve sehpalardan oluşacak Home Smart ( Akıllı Ev) serisi Amerika Birleşik Devletleri ve İngiltere’den Nisan ayından itibaren satışa sunulacak.

IKEA bu seri için, 80 telefon cihazıyla uyumlu olan QI şarj standartının kullanacağını açıkladı. QI’ın desteklemediği iPhone ve Samsung modelleri içinse şarjlı kılıf satılacak.

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