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One of the unique characteristics of Kenan Özten’s signature kanuns is that every piece is made by him and his apprentice Zafer Kibar. 

November 02, 2008, Sunday/ Published at Today’s Daily News

The kanun, an oriental zither, is a music instrument unique to Turkish music and is painstakingly difficult to manufacture as it requires long labor and great expertise, says a veteran kanun-maker. Kenan Özten, one of the finest kanun-makers alive, explained to Sunday’s Zaman that “while the kanun has been a traditional musical instrument in Turkey, we have started to see a great interest lately especially among our youth.”What makes the kanun unique, he said, is the instrument is strung with nylon strings in contrast to a similar instrument that is played in the Alpine countries. Interestingly the bridge does not stand on a wooden soundboard but on a parchment (drum skin), similar to the banjo. This results in a characteristic tone.

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Defne Data secures contract in Kuwait

September 15, 2008, Monday/Published at Today’s Daily News

Defne Data Processing, a solutions provider for telecom operators in many countries, including Turkey, has signed a new project with Media Phone Plus, Kuwait’s leading mobile entertainment services company. The project, called “Value-Added Service Platform,” which is planned to be an entertainment service for landline and mobile networks, will be put into operation in many Middle East countries in addition to Kuwait beginning in October 2008. Competitions, polls and chat rooms are some of the planned services.

Defne Data Processing General Manager Oğuz Haliloğlu said: “Entertainment services are in high demand from consumers, and they increase revenue for mobile operators. … As such, the diversification of services plays an important role in promoting brand names and contributes greatly to operator revenues.”

Defne has planned various projects in more than 15 countries in addition to Turkey. “Since the competition is getting very fierce among operators, value-added services provide an edge for mobile operators,” Haliloğlu said.  According to Haliloğlu, the importance of value-added services will increase much more when third-generation networks and virtual operators take a place in our lives. He says, “Video feed call center services, mobile TV and interactive commercials are among the value-added services that will be available with the third-generation networks.”


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